The Hands of Gruumsh

Type: Wandering, Warband, tribal
Size: 30-40 Orcs, Up to 20 Thri Kreen, and up to 20 Goliaths.
Territory: The Northern Frontier, Northern areas of the Kingdom Etaynnon

Meet the Orcs
On the Northern hills, one can see for miles in almost every direction. To the south you see a smoke stack, billowing black into the white clouds above. Upon closer inspection, the smoke stack is surrounded by tall stone walls and erupting from a tower within these walls.
If one were to enter those walls, their eyes would be immediately drawn to the base of the tower.
About the base is revelry incarnate. Twelve or Fifteen Orcs prancing about, stabbing decapitated Dwarven Corpses. The stench in the air is the scent of decay and debauchery as ale flows almost faster than the blood.
Sitting, looking pissedly at the celebration, is a young half orc. His skin is far paler than his kin, and his tusks much smaller. But covering his shoulders are pauldrens made of skulls and about his waist is a belt made from the skin of an elf. This young, uninterested prodigy is the Chief Trent Dretch (always called as such).


  1. Cheef desided by combat
  2. You attack chief only after 2 moons of him getting chief
  3. No birthers be Cheef
  4. Cheef can have more than one birther
  5. Cheef gets mor loot

The Hands of Gruumsh have a mission that could only be said to “guide” them. It is not an absolute goal, nor is it at all important to anyone but Chief Trent Dretch. This mission is to escape the Walls of the Dwarven Fiefs.
While the lay warriors enjoy the everyday fighting and pillaging that comes with these uncivilized lads, they haven’t yet noticed that the walls that confine them between the dwarven Kingdoms grow closer with each passing decade. Soon this land will have no room for the savagery of their Race. It is the personal goal of Cheif Trent Dretch to unite or enslave the other savage tribes and nomads to follow the Orc war-band to safety outside the walls.

The Orcs once had a constant flow of Chiefs. The reign of each would last merely 2 moons. Ever since the prodigy Chief Trent Dretch conquered his father after entering the tribe did any sort of order become customary.
The Hierarchy is as such

  1. Chief
  2. Clergy
  3. Howlers (War Chanters and Bards)
  4. Orc and Non-Orc Warriors, alike.
  5. Slaves
  6. “Birthers” (women who cannot fight, and thus are used to propogate)

The Hands of Gruumsh

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