Type: Fief
Population: 40,000
Overview: The Seat of Laduguer, and Home of the Duergar

Structure and Geography
Ocrall, despite being a major part of the war, has changed little since the fighting began. While many other Fiefs burrowed new barracks and tunnels to support soldiers and forging, the Duergars have made no modifications. The Fief itself is that of a normal walled city, save for the 5 large cobblestone smoke stacks that siphon the smoke from the foundries below. Underneath the surface is where all the work of the laborers is done. A steel mill of epic proportions constantly produces ingots for trade and smithing in the war.

Although the city of Ocrall was founded as a refuge for Duergar and a foundry-temple for Laduguer, many other types of dwarves can be found. There are few non-dwarven races present in Laduguer since the war began. The Duergar are very suspicious of any outsiders, but are eager to trade nonetheless.

The Duergar have formed a Monarchy based on Theocracy where a King (If speaking common, the duergar always refer to the ruler as King, whether they be male or female) rules with the assistance of ever revolving advisers, chosen by him or her. When a King dies, the council of elder clerics and scholars choose a future leader from the children born the year a former King had died. It is said that the child chosen always has some blood of Laduguer in their bodies. This does not mean, however, that the child of a King is more likely than any other Duergar to be coronated by the Elder Council.
The child, after being picked, is “allowed” to leave it’s family and begin being raised by the council in the ways of leadership and scholarship.
Assassination attempts are common, but evoke rage from the populace. Even the poor workers in the underground are disgusted by the idea that someone would kill the King. The King is thought to be benevolent (as they usually are, in Ocrall) and an assassin who is caught gains nothing but a chop from the headsman.

Church and State
The Seat of Laduguer is what the Duergar of Ocrall call the capitol of this fief. It is above ground and takes the shape of a U from above. The U is divided into three buildings, one rectangular tower, and 2 smaller buildings. All politicians hoping to take the position of an adviser must have a connection of some sort with Laduguer. They must be a divine power, be a leader in the sermons, or able to please the Elder Council.

The Elder Council
Made up of Dwarves of all sub-races, there always seem to be 4 duergar, one hill dwarf, one fire dwarf, one half dragon, and one necropolitan.
None of the people, save those at higher levels of government, know anything about how the elder council came to be. There are always 8 members, and they always oversee the King in his/her duties. Many young dwarves in Ocrall gossip that the source behind the benevolent rule of their King is the Council.


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