The Northern Frontier

Area of Territory; 900,000 sq miles.
Average Population Density; 14 people per square mile.
Estimated Total Population; 60,000


  • Nomadic Goliath Tribes
  • Giants
  • The Dwarven Fiefs
  • Savage, Feral Garguns
  • Human Nomads
  • Orc Warbands
  • The Hands of Gruumsh
  • Thri-Kreen Clutches
  • Half-Giant Outcasts

The Northern Frontier is almost completely covered with green grassland with many hills.

Settlements and Civility
There are only a few areas of static habitation. These are the Nine Fiefs of the Dwarves. They are as follows,

  1. Ocrall, The Seat of Laduguer, Lord of Duergar. The Gigantic temple is dedicated to the Gray Protector.
  2. Garack, Besieged constantly by the Giants. This Fief once had a bridge that could reach all the way to Dwovin.
  3. Dwovin, Home of the most efficient defensive structure in the Northern Frontier.
  4. Oribek, The Great Mine. This fief’s walls are merely a courtesy to those attempting to find the city. By far the tallest, and lowest, tower in the Frontiers
  5. Margirn, Once the hub of trade between the Fiefs. Gold is used for building blocks here, due to it’s beauty and lack of scarcity.
  6. Thral, Ruled by the same Lich that served as king countless centuries ago, the dwarves here
    have forsaken their Gods and instead worship their Immortal King.
  7. Werzak, An entire economy based on the weapon trade, the blacksmiths of this kingdom are many of the best in the world.
  8. Gimdar, The only one of the Nine Fiefs to neither be attacked nor attack. They are a scholarly community that gains nothing through conquest.
  9. Helfik, The Theocracy of Helfik is the oldest of the Fiefs. With it’s army of Paladin’s, it could easily reunite the Kingdom, but is more obsessed with killing the Tribes and Savage humanoids spread across the Frontier.

These Fiefs have been warring for the last 78 years, and the tensions are only escalating.

The Goliaths, Thri-Kreens, and Gnomes that live as nomads have been slowly increasing in population since the beginning of the War of the Fiefs. Since the dwarves have taken their weapons to each other, they have less time to kill these perceived “Savages.”

From Enslaving Goliaths, to the attempted conquest of Garack, the Giants have become more and more gutsy in their attempts to seize control of the Northern Frontier.

Due to the mostly savage population, trade is restricted to crafts, such as potions and weapons. The slave trade is only common between the dwarven fiefs.

The Northern Frontier

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