In The Midst of Black Seas

Session Two

The session began with nightfall over the Raptoran and Lhosk camps. Gui-Lenn spent the night with the Lhosk, while the rest of the party went to the boat (still wrecked on the coral reef).
During the night, Hedge had a vision of a city made of purple rope. When he awoke, he was wet and smelled of the sea.
As the party came together between the Lhosk camp and the wrecked boat, Gui-Lenn found a book of leafs and bound in Gold. It held the art of movement for the Lhosk anatomy.
The party, with the help of the Lhosk Prince Linnian’s men, scaled the walls toward the Fissil Village, the Raptoran stronghold.
On their way, the party was intercepted by the Wild Elf, Tarrik. The elf claimed to be a servant of Lolth, a drow, and a direct herald to the Great Mother of the Dark elves. The Party quickly silenced him, then bound and gagged the injured elf.
By this point, the Lhosk had already begun “war” with the Raptorans. With help from Abwiviet, Prince Linnian was able to thrash his opposition.
While half the party engaged in the debate or worked or making maps, the other half found that their prisoner had escaped.
While the Prince of the Lhosk remained in negotiations with the Fissil Tribe Elders, a group of Raptorans had gone to fortify Hornith, their Star Chief.


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