Weapon and Armor Runes

Purpose; Allow rewarding of magical items without binding them to a single type of equipment so if one character desires the enchantment, they don’t risk it being bound to an item which they find unusable or undesirable.

Instead of an enchantments being semi-permanently bound to a weapon or piece of armor, magical enchantments are found in the form of runes and sigils which can easily be added and removed to existing equipment.

Three types of runes exist, though most runes can only be applied to weapons or armor, not both, and any single piece of equipment can only have one rune of each type applied to it.

  • Enchantment Runes; Confer bonuses to the equipment, equivalent to a +1, +2, +3, etc. enchantment.
  • Power Runes; Confer abilities to the equipment, such as flaming burst, protection from arrows, etc.
  • Trait Runes; Adds a minor benefit to the equipment but at a slight cost, such as +1 to hit but -2 to damage. (I may decide trait runes are silly and scrap them, please let me know how you feel about them)

Weapons and Armor must be of at least masterwork quality before runes are capable of binding to them. Switching weapon runes takes the same time as drawing a weapon, while switching armor runes takes 5 minutes.

Possible Trait Runes(feel free to add more if you think of some that seem roughly balanced)

Name Equipment Bonus Penalty Value
Reservation Weapon +1 to Hit -2 to Damage X gp
Desperation Weapon +2 to Damage -1 to Hit X gp
Accuracy Weapon +1 to Critical Range -1 to Critical Multiplier 2X gp
Cruelty Weapon +1 to Critical Multiplier -1 to Critical Range 2X gp
Solid Armor +1 to Armor Class +1 to Armor Check Penalty Y gp
Flexible Armor -1 to Armor Check Penalty -1 to Armor Class Y gp
Heavy Armor +1 to Armor Class -5 to Speed Y gp
Alacritous Armor +5 to Speed -1 to Armor Class Y gp
Resistant Armor +2 to Fortitude Saves -1 to both Reflex and Will Saves Z gp
Responsive Armor +2 to Reflex Saves -1 to both Fortitude and Will Saves Z gp
Resolute Armor +2 to Will Saves -1 to both Fortitude and Reflex Saves Z gp

Weapon and Armor Runes

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