The Bernich Waters

Area of Territory; 135,000,000 sq miles.

The Bern Conglomerate
“Owners” of this territory, the Bern Conglomerate received a charter for the eastern seas from the City Armatha. This news came to the surprise of many intelligent and native peoples, both of the land and sea, who set up residence here generations ago. This dispute is still heavily debated within the Armathan government, but for now all efforts have to gone to surveying the waters and establishing trade relations with the peoples that inhabit them.

The Bern Conglomerate has issued land sub-charters to adventurers, cartographers, and sailors for specific sections of the Waters for settlement, trade establishment, and information gathering.
As of yet, very few settlements have been formed and secured, causing increased difficulty in further exploration.

The Natives of the Bernich Waters include both intelligent submersed and land based civilizations, including mostly Elves, Kua-Toa, Merfolk, Halflings, and others.
Contact with these tribes has been sparse, due to the treacherous waters the people live on or in. Most of these societies have little need for trade, and are self-reliant.

From the City Armatha, The Bern Charter identifies the waters as 6,000 miles east, and from that point 4,500 miles north and 7,500 miles south. This makes the entire charter worth 135,000,000 square miles of sea and landmass.
There are many volcanoes in the northern areas. A great amount of sandbars in the center of the chartered waters, and constantly raging storms in many of the southern areas.
Beyond these facts, not much is known of the lay of the land, so to speak. Cartographers are currently sailing, all competing to have the most thorough maps and guides to the people and environment.

Settlements and Civility
Four settlements have already been established under the control or sponsorship of the Bern conglomerate. These settlements are scattered around the region to make safe havens for future travelers and charter holders attempting to reach their destination.
No information has yet been received by these settlements as to other already established peoples in the region.

The Bernich Waters

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