Type: Walled Town
Population: 7,200
Overview: A town devoted to heroic ventures.

Location and Geography
Pwimfare is a couple miles in from the northern border with the next kingdom over. It is situated in the center of a valley with a river running nearby. There are areas around where there was clearly farmland—and there still is some tilled and sowed soil around the town. However, much of it has been either covered with grass or neglected.

The town itself is very well kept. The streets are clean, there are no broken down houses, and the air about the town is generally pleasant. There are several landmarks around the town that don’t make much sense, such as a windmill when no grain is being produced in town, shrines to gods no one who lives there worships, and so on. However, these things are usually written off as the eccentricities and endearing qualities of the town.

To the southwest of town is the residential area, where almost all of the citizens live. To the east of this are the town’s vast amounts of inns and taverns. At the center of town is a large marketplace. The north and northwest are devoted to miscellaneous other sights, such as shrines, small arenas, courier posts, etc.

At first, Pwimfare seems to deal in a very large variety of things; the many inns and taverns in town, the large marketplace dealing in anything from swords and shields to enchantments and potions, the many blessings offered by the shrines and priests, their letter carrier system, and so on. However, all of these have one thing in common: they are all geared towards adventurers.

Pwimfare has the distinction of being one of the few towns whose economy is run almost entirely by adventurers. When it was first developed, it was a small farming village of little note. However, due to its proximity to the border, it was often a stop for many adventurers on their way to see the world. The townsfolk quickly picked up on this and started up inns to lift some money off of these heroes. This soon funneled enough money into the town to attract merchants and then priests. The citizens eventually abandoned their fields in favor of attracting and bargaining with travelers.

Maintaining an Image
Pwimfare has made an art form out of being the most idyllic place to start an adventure, both practically and visually. Anything sold in town has its use in an adventure. Just about all of the shrines in town are to gods that travelers commonly worship. The townspeople, though they live like kings because of all the gold adventurers bring, all live in the small houses you would expect a town to have. Even the population of the town is closely observed and maintained so that Pwimfare doesn’t grow into a full-blown city. No expense is spared to maintain the visage that this town is where your adventure should start.


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