Piper's Gorge

Type: Inverted Fort
Population: 7,000
Overview: Battlements in the Ravine

Location and Geography:
The Gorge is directly North of the Kingdom Etaynnon. It is only 30 miles from the edge of the City of Etaynnon, facing towards the North-Hills. The Gorge is over 200 miles long, and 3 miles deep. Much of The Trench, what the soldiers call the lower expanses of the Gorge, has still not been explored or civilized.

The 6,000 Strong
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Tactics in the Gorge
The Kingdom Etaynnon will first depend on Piper’s Gorge in defense of it’s capital if an attack comes from any of the The Northern Frontier. If any army would march on Etaynnon, they would have to go around the ravine.
In case of an army’s attack, all of The 6,000 Strong erupt from the Ravine. The opposing army would theoretically be cut in half. This group of Warriors are almost sure to die in the ensuing battle, but they came into the 6,000 with that in mind.

Soldiers, state-sponsored mercenaries, and merchants of war live here. The Soldiers are ever at the ready. In exchange for equipment and small stipends, these warriors are trained to be ever at-the-ready. There are no children, no unarmed workers, and no weaklings in Piper’s Gorge.

The General’s Quarters

The Trench
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Piper's Gorge

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