Type: Walled City-State
Population: 53,000
Overview: The Isolated Ego-Paradise

Location and Geography:
A port city on the west coast of the continent. Only a few hundred miles away from Vashar.

Government and Laws
Kano is ruled by the masses. A purely democratic society where all who are citizens may come to vote on issues every week. The Army is merely a small group of elite monks known as Zuoken’s Militia, named for the Founder of the Settlement who ascended to God-Hood.
Alcohol and Debauchery are not illegal in Kano, but the people do not partake in them. There are no bars, no brewers. There is no enforcement for this taboo, it is merely a sentiment held by the people in the city-state. To engage in such trivialities as physical pleasure is equally taboo.

Economy and Trade
There is no trade with other societies, but the people of Kano have a bustling economy within their city-state. The major wares are as follows:

  • Fish and other Seafood (the Main diet)
  • Weaponry
  • Art and Decor
  • Services
  • Tutelage
    There is no slave trade, although indentured servitude is a way to escape debt.

Foreign Relations and Defense
Most people in the world, even those in Vashar to the north, have no idea that Kano even exists. This is mainly due to the large amount of Telepaths on the border to Vasharan farmland. The telepaths create illusions to make Vasharans turn back whenever they encroach towards the border.


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