Genesis College

Type: Abbey
Population: 400-1,000
Overview: Sanctuary for the Faithful

Location and Geography
Near the Center of the Kingdom, slightly to the South, the College enjoys relative peace from outsiders. This central position also allows pilgrims to be dispatched to and from anywhere in the kingdom.

Everett’s Laws
Being a center of communal worship, the Genesis College follows a set of small rules.

  1. These Laws shall be to stabilize peace between worshipers of different faiths
  2. Each Order of a Gods’ Clergy will create it’s own laws for dealing with it’s own flock
  3. No Alter or Place of Worship may be destroyed or vandalized by any priest or acolyte not of that Gods’ Faith
  4. There may be no exchange of product or currency, save the donations to the Church
  5. Demi-Gods and Arch Devils may be worshiped here, but must be separate from the Major Pantheons
  6. No Harm shall be done to the clergy of another’s faith

Before the college was formed, only three statues stood in this desolate valley. One, of Bahamut. One, of Tiamat. A third, sitting smaller than the two, in between, of a monastic figure. The hood covers his ears and neck, and shadows his face. The proximity to the God figures allows for no assumation to his race, or even it’s gender. The robes bellow, as if eliminating any hint of shoulders, chest, or hip.
The professors teach that this is to symbolize that piety is not a racial, nor gender-exclusive trait. The figure could be an Eladrin or a Dwarf, a man or woman. Or even, as some point out, a child.
This symbolism inspired the early wandering priests to settle here. All clerics and acolytes of any faith could find sanctuary to commune with the divines.
Now, centuries later, almost every known God or Goddess is represented. Statues of Hieronius and Hextor are constantly being demolished and rebuilt to be larger than the other. More intellectual members of Monstrous races are constantly setting up new shrines, much to the delight of anthropologists and archivists.

The Cults and Clergy (Much of the information of this section has been used and edited from Complete Champion)
The Anvil of Creation, the Church of Moradin
Assembly of Balance, Dedicated to Ehlonna
The Brotherhood of Equals, a parliamentary church of Obad-Hai
Shrine of the Laughing Rogue, where dark theocrats exchange prayers

Genesis College

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