Type: Walled Town
Population: 5,300
Overview: Utilizes necromancy for mundane purposes, such as agriculture and defense.

Location and Geography:
Dirganis is located near the southernmost border of the kingdom, and while it rarely ever suffers from attacks from other citizens of the kingdom, it is targeted by uncivilized monsters and religious zealots fearful of necromancy semi-frequently.

Dirganis and the Practice of Necromancy:
The city of Dirganis is home to a small school of magic, focusing on necromancy for the interest of the town. Undead work the fields and when the city is threatened, act as the first line of a defensive effort. When a citizen of the city dies, a week passes for mourning and a chance for any interested parties to present funds for a full resurrection. The body is magically preserved during this time. After one week, the preservation is extended and the body reanimated as a zombie, with an identifying mantle placed over their shoulders, and sent to work in a manner needed by the town that is capable of being done by undead. After 10 years of service, a body is laid into the ground to rest and allowed to decompose, to fertilize the surrounding area.

During a time when a threat approaches, any body that has been resting for long enough to shed all flesh is animated as a skeleton to defend the city and surrounding fields. Tombstones in the town mark both the date of birth and death, date of burial, and a note for each battle their skeleton has been used for defense, to honor them for their gift to those still living.

As the city has existed for many generations, they’ve proved themselves quite able to withstand common threats, such as goblin war bands, small holy crusades against the practice of necromancy, etc.

As much of the defense and food needs are cared for by undead, most citizens of of Dirganis who are not associated with the school are crafters and hunters, purchasing raw materials from towns further inward from the border as well as scavenging them from some of the weaker or isolated monsters near the town. Unless many individuals offer to hunt them down, most people stay away from stronger foes or large groups, though adventurers willing to try are well paid if they succeed.

The Dirganis School of Necromancy:
The school in Dirganis is currently run by, , the headmaster. In addition to him, there are 11 instructors, and approximately 250 students. There are other necromancers in the town, but most of them oversee the undead in the fields, stand watch on the town walls, or work on some other business needed for the good of the living.

Religion and Dirganis:
There are approximately 100 clergymen and women in Dirganis, overseen by 3 ordained priests.

Notable Businesses:

  • Three Smithies;
    • The Blackiron Forge: Run by a old, harsh dwarf, Eridin. Mainly deals with armor smithing and repair, though is capable of most general smithing as well.
    • Reeth’s Forge: Owned and operated by a friendly and well-mannered half-orc, named Reeth. Deals mostly with creating and maintaining tools, but deals with some weaponry in addition to that.
    • Silvertree Smithy: A tough female half-elf, Arihar Corana, runs the smithy, with her apprentice, Ivan, a young human man. Arihar works mostly on masterwork quality equipment, while having her apprentice do most of the lesser tasks.
  • Two Inns;
    • The Badger Meadery & Inn:
    • The Juggling Ogre Inn:
  • Thirteen Taverns/Restaurants;
  • Two Magic Supply Shops;
  • The Bookseller;


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