Type: Caravan Trade Stop
Population: 15-12,000
Overview: The Evolving Market

Location and Geography:
Bathua is towards west in the The Sands of Illestrium, serving as a conduit for the Vasharan merchants and slavers from the South, and the pilgrims and adventurers from the Kingdom Etaynnon.

This aspect of Bathua is what earns it it’s name. The Market, on some days, will be bustling with goods and services. The merchants will be fighting for places to set up shop, carts will be flooded with customers, and the people will be shouting so loud, one can barely hear the music from the Minstrel’s School. Other days, however, there is no one to be found. Only the denizens of the town proper (hotel keepers, blacksmiths, et cetera). These few merchants left try to survive off of the successful sales of the past. It is a hard life to be a permanent citizen of Bathua, but if you’re thrifty, the rewards are fantastic.

The Permanent members of this society are mostly Humans, some Vasharan refugees, a few elves, and desert dwelling Goblins.
Due to the harsh conditions during slow economic seasons, the races here are surprisingly tightly-knit. As long as someone is a good enough merchant or craftsman, they are well liked by the community.


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