Talian Thomai

Start running, you might get lucky.


Tentative Progression
Scout1 || Ranger1
Feat: Weapon Finesse
Sc2 || Ra2 (Archery Combat Style:Rapid Shot)
Sc3 || Ra3
Feat: Two Weapon Fighting
Sc4 || Ra4
Feats: Quick Draw/Point Blank Shot
Sc5 || Ra4 / Bloodhound1
Sc6 || Ra4 / BH1/ Wildrunner1


Basic Info
Age: 120(Young, for an elf)
Height: 5’ 1" (tall, for an elf)
Weight: 85 lbs. (Meh, for an elf)
Alignment: Neutral Good

The Exodus
There are times when it is prudent for a man to leave his home. Times when your youth is fading and there is still much to make of the world. You cannot allow the chains, as yet unbroken, to deny the world of your touch.
No greater chain is there in all the world than that of a crying baby boy, and his human mother.
As of the last decade, Talian has been wandering the Northern Frontier, marveling at the Dwarven walls and the people that suround them.
From the Thri-Kreen Katch’ka Tribe in the northern regions of the Kingdom Ettaynon he learned to hunt the Kobold Scavengers. Scouting and tracking their camps, destroying them before they have a chance to attack the insectoid egg clutches.
From the Orc warbands, he learned to steal. Not directly from the orcs, of course. He would hide as they drank, sneaking in to steal food while lighting fire to their lard and liquor. The Orcish clan never found who had lit their larders on fire, often blaming the lesser warriors for incompitence.

As the years passed, Talian strived for companionship. In the Katch’Ka Tribe he had made friends, but they had died as quickly as he had grown to know them. The corpses of Kobolds made for horrible companions, as did the trees he sttempted to talk to. To find some semblance of order in his life, he attempted to join the soldiers of Piper’s Gorge.
Suffice to say that Talian was not accepted into the 6,000 strong. He had no stories of war or adventure. No reputation to base his admission on.
Barring his joining the men at Piper’s Gorge, Talian had no plans. His child would be close to it’s 10th birth-year and his wife would be reaching middle age. He decided to head to the city Dirganis to check on the woman and son he had left behind for adventure.
Arriving in the town, he found that his wife had left the town to return to her home in the desert.
This must be a sign from the Fates. He is not to spend his life with that family that would grow old and die as he remained young.
The Town of Dirganis was interesting to say the least. There was no poverty, nor any savagery. The people were accepting and the walls of the town were strong.
This is where Talian would find his adventure. Here, he would find his destiny.

Talian Thomai

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