Welcome to the Bernich Providence

“A bit of advice for my fellow travelers. Something lurks beneath these waves, but pay it no mind. The dangers on the surface are enough to handle for now.”
-Mr. Johnson, the first day I met him in the Port City, Armatha.

This is a campaign of Nautical Exploration, pitting man against the moon-tides and his fellow travelers. Pirates and savages greet white sails with malice, and thieves wait behind thick doors to rob you of your wealth. The waves gnash their bubbling teeth against your hulls, the winds burn the skin from your face, and eyes peer from underneath the ocean spray.
This land needs taming, it’s nature allure and danger are ever present, ever challenging, and force your crew to the edge of their abilities.
Pray you choose your friends wisely, for even the Gods fear for men with fates as yours.

In The Midst of Black Seas

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